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Didn’t “Lord” Taylor’s mum ever ask, “Because someone stuck his head in an oven, should you?”

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So if the defence is “everyone was doing it”, in regards to defrauding the public purse, you and me, then where oh where are the mass prosecutions?  Where is the castigation of the corrupt, the flagellation of the morally bereft, where are the heroes to champion this cause, are there any left?

Exactly, none of the above forthcoming I don’t doubt.

Load of bollocks in any event, Taylor and the other lambs are but a sacrificial offering on the alter of public opinion, to keep the “feral under-class” in their illusion that there is some semblance of equality before the law… or even accountability…


Enemies Of The People, 17/01/2011 and 18/01/2011.

Hello Blogesphere!

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Common belief has it that we should petition to our ‘elected’ representatives to effect change in the establishment when it is required. This would perhaps have been true in days long gone, but we see today, government divorced of responsibility to the people or their interests. We have become peoples of fascist nation States, ignorants, dependants, incompetents or simply just timid chattel.

I believe wholeheartedly and with much regret, that the State is too far gone, decades of protests and outcry of illegal wars have achieved little. The crimes that invariably accompany war, outright treason, over decades our country was usurped from beneath us with the more than willing complicity of a morally bereft parliament.

Thinking outside of the box…