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Inspired by the Anti-Terrorist I’ll just get one thing straight, I am not Anti-Government per se. I am Anti CORRUPT Government.

Aren’t YOU?

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” -John F. Kennedy.

The only violence that should ever be required by us is in self defense, rage in the street will be-get more violence, and not change enough, it never has… People don’t see how simple it really is, mostly because they are too damn nice, conforming is a matter of course and their image amongst their peers is so important…

Very few like to step out on that limb alone, lest it be hacked off behind them.

A feasible solution could be direct action, this could entail not paying all Taxes, licences, charges, fines, levies, rates, etc, obviously sales tax is not so easy but with a little work you can source local goods. Then there is a small group of die hards who are only paying for the fuel itself at the pumps, not the TAX, since the majority is going to the State as duty the company is acting as agent in collecting a tax… Thus when the boys in blue funny costumes turn up, all they can attempt to prosecute you on is tax evasion. Yeah I know, not for everyone, all that indoctrination and misplaced application of moral values getting in the way.

In any event, we MUST stop giving the machine our attention, and if you are the ‘upstanding’ type who for some deluded reason sees that to cease feeding a proven criminal, traitorous government as ‘wrong’ there is an option… You could take every penny you would expect to pay in taxes and put it into a separate account, maybe with a local community credit union until the state is willing to respect our interests and THEN you will voluntarily pay up. Sound fair?

To the naysayers who are no doubt thinking “what about PAYE“, well what about it, I would retort, your employer is acting unlawfully as a collection agent and is being FORCED to collect for HMRC and doing it unpaid too… If that doesn’t give you a clue as to how YOU get it sorted you deserve to be paying them.

WE don’t want a free lunch, I was certainly brought up to respect myself and those around me, it’s called consideration and we are getting none of it from those entrusted to governance…


There is as Frédéric Bastiat said in 1848 in his book ‘The Law’, a certain brand of men that would rather live off of the labours of others, work is pain and certain types have no objection to living off others pain, even revelling in it, they are our enemies, irrespective of their level or position, be it wilful scrounger (not knocking any of the disadvantaged, that’s different) or banker related or financier, speculator or politician… What real value do these add? Don’t say money, because I know fine well that money is CREDIT and a public liability because the interest (due to private bodies) was never created to repay the principal + interest, so everything these people does increases public liability.

One single goal would collapse the whole deck of cards, outlawing usury AGAIN. Educating people about it is hard though, its one of those taboo subjects, either utterly boring, not ‘our place’ to interfere or too frightening due to the monstrous beast that it has spawned. It could however be a way to unite every group, community, movement in a concerted action. Have any of you ever considered one rather telling thing, a dude lived 2000 years ago, every scholar is clear on one thing, that remarkable guy only used violence ONCE in his entire life, when he chased the money-changers from the temple. Those that made money from money and NEVER produce anything of value, manipulating exchanges to create artificial scarcity, only so they may increase their own holdings in real, tangible assets.

That’s just one idea…

Imagine if every group had a single common cause to bind them…

We would be unstoppable.

Commonly held belief has it that we must petition to our ‘elected’ representatives to effect change in the establishment, this would perhaps have been true in days long gone, but today we see governments divorced of responsibility to the people or their interests.

I believe wholeheartedly and with much regret, that the State is too far gone, a decade of protests and outcry of illegal wars and the crimes against humanity that invariably accompany war going unpunished. Outright treason, either by intent or complicit inaction over decades has allowed our country to be usurped from beneath us by either the useful idiots in Parliament or with the more than willing treason of their whoreson compatriots FOR private interests.

A perversion of ‘justice’ which has seen all our rights infringed, in economic slavery no less, aided in calculated asset stripping, a transfer of wealth and more importantly, LAND… It’s so truly monstrous that the placid majority just won’t accept it is happening, and what they do see, is coloured by a lifetime of indoctrination.

6 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. Nice post, keep telling it like it is, like you see it. People are listening more and more to the voices they hear around them asking, pleading for a better way, for justice!
    We can only hope that they find our blogs, that they seek for the knowledge that they know they are lacking.
    Good work IM, I have no doubt you like I are in it till we win over the hearts and minds of our fellow peoples!

  2. Just found your website!
    I believe tax is slavery.
    Taxation is the life blood of corrupt government.
    As long as you grant a small minority of people the right to take the fruits of your labour, & give them the right to use violence against you if you don’t, you will have corrupt government because that is tyranny.
    As things stand, children born today are born debt slaves.
    This is a crime against humanity & we must be the generation to end this organised mafia.
    Have bookmarked your site.
    See you around!
    Love to all

  3. Government.

    From the Latin,


    MENTE meaning MIND


    I am anti-government because governments don’t work.

    They are the number one cause of death of their own citizens.

    Over 200 million people.

    The only thing they are good at is farming the people like a cash crop in the form of taxation & wars.

    We are human beings & have the right to liberty, self expression, peace & happiness.

    No one has the right to use the threat of force or loss of liberty to steal from you, even if they call themselves governments.

    The Philosophy Of Liberty

  4. Can’t argue with that man! In a nutshell as they say!

  5. i notice you have two symbols on your banner on wrh -the closed fist http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/codex_magica/codex_magica28.htm and the V sign http://www.whale.to/b/v_s.html

    • You are not the first to say… I do appreciate your point, but don’t give a damn. A symbol is what you want it to be, I like it for what it looks and says to me and my defiant intent. I’m not into ‘isms’ … Label them what you will, dress them up in rhetoric, ideology, or nationalism etc. it matters not a jot, it’s just Statism… Bullies, criminals, thugs and their fools

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