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NATO’s Libyan Contradictions

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NATO doesn’t ‘see’, the press won’t see, but we do and on the ground people are being murdered.

Lies and yet more lies. Shame.

What To Tell The Weekend Warmongers

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A tidy bit of common sense from:

US Military Enlistment Forms for Hypocrites

These are the forms needed to enlist in all branches of the United States Military. Print these out and carry them with you should you encounter anyone shouting for war in Libya (or wherever), whether it be for oil, “humanitarian reasons” or to fight al CIAda – hand them the papers and then ask them to sign up! Carry envelopes and offer to mail them in. Have a few envelopes handy already addressed and stamped for effect.

If they have their children with them, have them sign them up if they are at least 17 [parental consent if they are not 18] as I did between my junior/senior year, on delayed enlistment for a year to get out of Florida’s economic impoverishment for my six year stint. This would work nicely if they are in a crowd and much better should you be able to video the confrontation and post on youtube. Make them prove their cowardice or patriotism to the security-military-industrial complex by making a personal sacrifice. I’d like to see Obama’s daughters sign up or at least someone ask at a press conference or one of his personal interactions at a greasy spoon.

Also, Louis Farrakhan lets rip at the rank hypocrisy over Libya.

Selective application of our much vaunted devotion to human rights here in the so called developed world is rank hypocrisy.

Inspired by the immortal words of George Carlin I will say:

Forgive me if I don’t feel, the way I’ve be told to feel about all these wars, I have this thing I like to do… It’s called thinking! Oh, and I like to do that for myself! As for supporting the brave ‘boys’ out there bombing the shit out of all those brown people I’ve never met… and that have done me no harm…

NOT in my name they don’t.


Quick addendum, ask yourself this protagonists all, what makes you think WE are the good guys? British, French and Americans… All historically imperial powers, with morally bereft, proven time and again to be LIAR politicians, fronting an unelected bureaucracy that will always bend a knee to international banking interests, performing daily on the bloody telly and tabloid rags for those wilfully ignorant clockwork monkeys. Who maintain their own deluded idea of self-worth by patting themselves on the back for being so moralistic in their support for ANOTHER INVASION because they’ve been told by some of the most unreliable and treacherous bastards or willing pawns it’s for ‘human’ rights.

Unbelievable hypocrisy… Wake up and smell the bullshit.

Please read my friend’s blog for an extremely concise take on it:

LIBYA: UK government protecting exactly which interests?