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Residents All, Have You Done Your Duty?…

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The local elections are over now, most of the numbers are in, the politically correct issues have been pontificated upon, the streets pounded, the megaphones packed away, the leftover leaflets lie waiting to be recycled. Interesting that nobody really wanted to talk to me about the upcoming “austerity” cuts, the complete cock-up that is the economy, the illegal wars, or the ever-increasing corruption though, not if they can get away with it of course.

A pitiful projection of 32% turn out of the dutiful Englishmen and women (estimated 40% in Scotland) have trooped out to make their contribution, often their only one to the political discourse. The projected voter share (if we are to believe the BBC) is as follows: Labour 38%, Conservatives 31%, Lib Dems 16%, others 14%. My area in Scotland seems to be about 40.58% turnout. simplistically, we’re talking about sharing a percentage of 2/5th of the registered voters, not even counting the total of potentially ‘eligible’ but unregistered (whatever their reasons) individuals. Autonomousmind had some cold hard reality in this post, the sad truth is that in the London Mayoral election an amazing 61.9% of people did not want to engage in the voting farce. Captain Ranty also had a fantastic take on the Insanity of Politics.

So where are you on the political spectrum; are you fervently active, politically engaged, on the fence, disillusioned, disenfranchised or just plainly don’t give a fuck?

Here in Scotland Graham Hope, West Lothian’s returning officer, said:

“Elections have a huge impact on all our lives, and it’s important that as many West Lothian residents as possible take part.

It only takes a few moments, but is such an important task, which allows residents to have their say.”

The followers of the cult of personality stride hand in hand to the polls with the serial conformists who always vote for their favored party, often despite proven poor track records and for whatever reason they care to have while those other dutiful voters who don’t know any other way to express their voice. At the macro we see the party lines with broadly written divisionist, favoritist policy and their ubiquitous broken promises; while at the local micro everyone’s talking points are roughly the same; local issues broached in general terms and platitudes to appeal to the receptive. I get really concerned when all these parties only argue over lesser issues like abortion, gay marriage, proposed social programs and reforms, the critical ones like illegal wars, foreign aid, climate change, economics, misappropriation of funds, public office misconduct and malfeasance, the black pit that is the EU, ridiculous monetary policy and the list could go on and on… There is however a remarkable (and highly suspicious) consensus on all these issues, I don’t care what tosh you see on question time, judge them on what they do, not what they say. Please note , if the ‘lesser issues’ comment above offends you then too bad, if an issue does not impact on the overwhelming majority of a community it is just not that serious.

A vote for me is a vote for [insert cause here]…

Social housing is always favourite, “last year we built so many… we will pledge to build so many…” Yeah, so what, then your local authority goes and turns them over to a “Public Private Partnership.” Nice!

The good little voters, vote decisively. The dutiful voters, vote as the feel they must. Disillusioned voters are often left to choose the lesser of two evils. Individuals like me, political atheists or at the very least agnostics, feel we cannot support such a system of governance  as we have come to realize it is. Then there is the disenfranchised, often the lower/working classes, ignorant and uncaring? Not hardly, enough know fine well what the script is, that the guys (supposedly) making the decisions are a bunch of lying, traitorous bastards hiding behind an increasingly thin veneer of an assumed and all too often unquestioned legitimacy. I don’t give a damn what colour their little plastic rosette is or if they seem sincere, the second they swear into public office they become part of a single homogeneous group that blessed by privilege and adored by lickspittle lackies to stroke their rapidly inflating egos. All of them eager to please, vying always for the next step on the ladder, to that they will almost inevitably step on anyone the need to in order to progress. The big league corruption and back room dealing might be reserved for the university toffs and their appointees but any reader of blogs like Enemies of the People knows that the government we get is defined by its leadership and moral principles from the top down.

Most people prefer to believe their leaders are just and fair even in the face of evidence to the contrary, because once a citizen acknowledges that the government under which they live is lying and corrupt, the citizen has to choose what he or she will do about it. To take action in the face of a corrupt government entails risks of harm to life and loved ones. To choose to do nothing is to surrender one’s self-image of standing for principles. Most people do not have the courage to face that choice. Hence, most propaganda is not designed to fool the critical thinker but only to give moral cowards an excuse not to think at all.

-Michael Rivero

So is this what you are voting for? Really?

** Please note: I do not support any political party, period. **

BNP candidate Mike Whitby standing for elected mayor of Liverpool is accused of electoral fraud three days before the election and as you see from the YouTube clip above it was a very heavy handed affair to say the least. Whatever you think of his policy, this is ridiculous, undemocratic and unlawful. “We just want to talk” indeed! Did any storm trooper turn up to beat down the doors of the lying, cheating thieves in parliament for pocketing tens upon tens upon tens of thousands of public funds in the expenses scandal? Or what about those MPs that War Criminal Blair protected from Operation Ore with those D-Notices, the Honours for cash fiasco, the dodgy dossier…

Will these allegations be founded or not, buggered if I know, but the treatment that family received for daring to ask questions is a terrifying precedent. Today it’s the BNP, we don’t care for ‘racist thugs’ so it’s no skin of our nose many will think, but tomorrow you have to wonder, will it be me or someone I care for? What then?…

Government has a presumption of legitimacy?

The common man does more to defend the system than any PR campaign; by just accepting the status quo, believing that there is some ‘right’ form of governance. That’s a whole topic in of itself and one I will write on, but not today.

There is allegedly duty, a responsibility, even one may say an obligation. The question is to who? Yourself, the government, society, your progeny, or even your ancestry?…

That last one is especially interesting to me and seems to me to be nothing than a tired old statist apologist argument; my uncle’s brother’s grandfather (once removed) fought Hitler to keep our rights intact, to maintain our freedoms from dictatorship in the war, he was marched from Germany to Poland as a prisoner of war…” Yes, bad things happened in war, long before I was born and please people forgive me for saying this but, so what? I don’t say forget them, or not learn from them and just about every family was touched by that war seventy years ago, but what does that have to do with the current system? Where does that directly affect our lives and our ‘chosen’ government? I don’t feel any king of deep-seated genetic guilt for past deaths but I do feel guilty that in my past ignorance I was not out doing more to stop unlawful wars waged on brown people by those supposedly representing OUR interests.

I.e. It is not in my interest that they dropped a £500,000 cruise missile on a yurt in some country impoverished by decades of sanctions.

Just as irrelevant, and even more ridiculous is the, “you better hope you don’t have a problem,” pitch. I guess the assumption there is that I need, not may voluntarily want, the government intruding on my everyday life. Voting they believe is the only way to have a voice, I beg to differ, if there is a form of government necessary, then it must only be as a medium to do for the collective needs of the people what the people may not conveniently or practically do for themselves. OK, lets take a reasonable look at that one; Council Tax, we are told it pays for services and yet FOIA requests have discovered 50% of this seems to subsidise public pensions, then there was the Icesave debackle, if it was for services then how was there such sizable surplus to invest outside our own economy? I’m happy to pay my way, but where did I benefit from this?

What I see is increasingly militarized police, Demos groomed professional politicians, unaccountable NGOs, blatant revolving door practice between business and governance, corporate owned media whores, corrupt judiciary in a veritable kleptocracy. I’m by no means alone in seeing before me the absolute merger of state and corporate powers:

Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.

– Benito Mussolini

The online dictionary says thus:

fas·cism (fshzm) n.

1. often Fascism
a. A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.
b. A political philosophy or movement based on or advocating such a system of government.
2. Oppressive, dictatorial control.

What few definitions will actually state is that fascism or corporatism (where the rubber meets the road) is where profits and assets are privatised while losses and costs are socialized. Remember these terms: “Too big to fail,” and “bailout.” So what I’m getting at is that if anyone still thinks that the above definition isn’t closer to the reality we actually live in, you are delusional. Every so often the ‘right’ people are elected, and we are allowed the opportunity to vote on them… Yeah! Great stuff, you get to choose the right or the left boot of governance that is upon our throats. Let’s look at it this way, we are back in a modern-day feudalism, we are tenants upon the land, seemingly owned by those that hold the right bits of paper that this system of governance recognizes.

Oh joy…

Too Busy Bitching About Broken Windows…

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I wonder how this world we are given to live in, with all its benefits and privileges, would look if we were able to hold those who lie to us, steal from us, abuse our misplaced trust. Be they in the government, judiciary, financial, religious, armed forces, police or any other ‘public’ office), up to the same level of scrutiny as is imposed on those who point out their lies…

Ever heard of malfeasance in public office? Sort of rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? Or here’s a good one, what about treason? I could go on, the list of their crimes are myriad and guarded too by those we also trust to protect our collective rights…

No? – But we can sure bitch about a few busted bank windows and some graffiti, bemoaning the “damage to private property” but lets not worry about the devastation wrought by banker manipulation, fraud and let’s not sugar coat it and call it anything less than financial terrorism.

What To Tell The Weekend Warmongers

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A tidy bit of common sense from:

US Military Enlistment Forms for Hypocrites

These are the forms needed to enlist in all branches of the United States Military. Print these out and carry them with you should you encounter anyone shouting for war in Libya (or wherever), whether it be for oil, “humanitarian reasons” or to fight al CIAda – hand them the papers and then ask them to sign up! Carry envelopes and offer to mail them in. Have a few envelopes handy already addressed and stamped for effect.

If they have their children with them, have them sign them up if they are at least 17 [parental consent if they are not 18] as I did between my junior/senior year, on delayed enlistment for a year to get out of Florida’s economic impoverishment for my six year stint. This would work nicely if they are in a crowd and much better should you be able to video the confrontation and post on youtube. Make them prove their cowardice or patriotism to the security-military-industrial complex by making a personal sacrifice. I’d like to see Obama’s daughters sign up or at least someone ask at a press conference or one of his personal interactions at a greasy spoon.

Also, Louis Farrakhan lets rip at the rank hypocrisy over Libya.

Selective application of our much vaunted devotion to human rights here in the so called developed world is rank hypocrisy.

Inspired by the immortal words of George Carlin I will say:

Forgive me if I don’t feel, the way I’ve be told to feel about all these wars, I have this thing I like to do… It’s called thinking! Oh, and I like to do that for myself! As for supporting the brave ‘boys’ out there bombing the shit out of all those brown people I’ve never met… and that have done me no harm…

NOT in my name they don’t.


Quick addendum, ask yourself this protagonists all, what makes you think WE are the good guys? British, French and Americans… All historically imperial powers, with morally bereft, proven time and again to be LIAR politicians, fronting an unelected bureaucracy that will always bend a knee to international banking interests, performing daily on the bloody telly and tabloid rags for those wilfully ignorant clockwork monkeys. Who maintain their own deluded idea of self-worth by patting themselves on the back for being so moralistic in their support for ANOTHER INVASION because they’ve been told by some of the most unreliable and treacherous bastards or willing pawns it’s for ‘human’ rights.

Unbelievable hypocrisy… Wake up and smell the bullshit.

Please read my friend’s blog for an extremely concise take on it:

LIBYA: UK government protecting exactly which interests?

A Step Too Far – The 2011 Census Rebellion

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I find this absolutely wonderful…

At every turn now I’m seeing a whole host of people from every class, creed, religion, ideology AND politic persuasions across the entire spectrum, but all with a  consensus that is damn near universal.

So many ideas, so many views, all telling the corporate State, this intrusion a step too far and answer it with a resounding – I’m telling you jack diddly squat, mate! But I have noticed a distinct lack of support from those we’d say as having ‘clout’, in the eyes of the masses, those being the officials, the mainstream media and talking heads, the journalists with any integrity left, the personalities even the CELEBRITIES…  (yes I know, scrapping the barrel there with that last one!) But then, it’s hardly sexy, is it, not much scope for getting on the next chat show except as the oddity, a stitch up, or just for comic relief…

Even the serial conformists are having issues with a great deal of the  2011 fiasco, not just the invasive, irrelevant questions, but the choice of Lockheed Martin as the agent for the ONS.  Have we all sunk so low, are we truly become the apathetic wretches who are so cowed, so servile, that we shrink and tug a forelock to those men and women in government?

Oh I have seen a few notable exceptions, many, many great articles detailing with this subject, but few personalities were weighing in and then I had to stand corrected…  In strode Janet Street Porter with her indomitable flair and typical ‘shoot from the hip’ attitude to brighten my day.

How can the simple job of gathering information about the population once every ten years, which started out in 1801 as a single sheet of paper, have morphed into this costly (£480 million and rising) exercise during a period of national financial hardship?

If we can’t afford help for carers, child day-care centres, meals on wheels and libraries, how can we bloody well afford this grandiose census? We are told it’s justified because the information allows the Government to plan grants to local authorities and to decide how much money to allocate for future health care.

The stuff about our homes helps to formulate future strategy for housing. If we tell them how we get to work, apparently it will help with the planning of transport systems and new roads.

And pigs can fly. Every time a new road, bus or rail route is planned, what happens?

There’s a fresh consultation exercise. Ditto when it comes to new housing and hospitals — there’s always a need for up-to-date information and research. More questionnaires, more information, more money spent.

I’ll leave that article with a thought, a small pondering of mine…  Just who has more balls, Janet Street Porter?…  Or the traitorous ConDem coalition?…  Tough call, isn’t it?

This one from Big Brother Watch tickled my fancy for sure.

The real question depends on the number of people, who either by not returning, defacing or directly challenging the  applicability of census via the No Contract – Return To Sender, conditional acceptance, religious reasons, support of State terrorism, or whatever…  and dealing with potential doorstep intrusions…

Even then it’s hardly an issue for even the most timid, a simple NO TRESPASS notice prominently displayed, bring it to their agents attention and close the door.  Too simple?  Then why did Census director Glen Watson have this to say on the subject back in July 2010:

“We have to have made contact.  So quite a lot of the people that don’t return the questionnaire, our census field staff have not been able to make any contact and you cannot prosecute a house.

Who will be prosecuted, and under what circumstances?

Of the 1.5 million families that, in whatever manner, refused to participate in the 2001 census, only 38 were successfully prosecuted, and given the lack of understanding in any number of legal ‘tricks’ to gain jurisdiction, it is a wonder to me, that there wasn’t more…  Only one ended up in a prison sentence, and that was a well publicised case where a particularly obstinate man was done for contempt of court for refusing to pay the fine.  The details of the criteria used can be found here.

“Prosecutions were sought on a case-by-case basis, where there was clear evidence of a refusal to return a completed Census form. The criteria for Non-Compliance Unit dropping potential cases were decided by the Legislation Project Manager, following the practise in previous censuses and taking account of more recent legal advice. The main reasons for dropping cases included:

  • insufficient confirmation of householder’s name (in cases, for example, where no contact had been made and evidence from other sources of information – such as the Electoral Register – was lacking);
  • responsibility for making a return had not been established;
  • possible irregularities in field procedures;
  • evidence of mitigating personal circumstances, such as age or infirmity of the householder or in cases of bereavement;
  • claims that forms had been posted back which could not be readily verified because of postal difficulties; and
  • cases relating to a second home or holiday accommodation.”

So will the government  actually fine them, or will they be seen to be selectively prosecuting individuals which must invariably  appear politically motivated?

Something to think on if you really must fill it in, deface it or whatever, please, please, consider rubbing  a white candle over the ‘official use’ boxes, make these bureaucrats work for their shekels.  If ‘we’ are paying so much for it, is it so much to ask that we get value for our tax-thefts?

Some may be wondering how I may be handling this, to date I haven’t had a form delivered yet, but when it does I will be sticking to the No Contract – Return To Sender route. A doorstep visit bothers me not a jot, I will be challenging that on the doorstep, no tricks, I will be stating something like:

“There is no man or woman here with any liability to, nor obligation to perform in this matter upon your request.  Go tell that to your boss mate, you’re finished here, now fuck off, the sign there says “NO TRESPASS”, are you blind as well as ignorant?”

But that’s just me.