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Residents All, Have You Done Your Duty?…

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The local elections are over now, most of the numbers are in, the politically correct issues have been pontificated upon, the streets pounded, the megaphones packed away, the leftover leaflets lie waiting to be recycled. Interesting that nobody really wanted to talk to me about the upcoming “austerity” cuts, the complete cock-up that is the economy, the illegal wars, or the ever-increasing corruption though, not if they can get away with it of course.

A pitiful projection of 32% turn out of the dutiful Englishmen and women (estimated 40% in Scotland) have trooped out to make their contribution, often their only one to the political discourse. The projected voter share (if we are to believe the BBC) is as follows: Labour 38%, Conservatives 31%, Lib Dems 16%, others 14%. My area in Scotland seems to be about 40.58% turnout. simplistically, we’re talking about sharing a percentage of 2/5th of the registered voters, not even counting the total of potentially ‘eligible’ but unregistered (whatever their reasons) individuals. Autonomousmind had some cold hard reality in this post, the sad truth is that in the London Mayoral election an amazing 61.9% of people did not want to engage in the voting farce. Captain Ranty also had a fantastic take on the Insanity of Politics.

So where are you on the political spectrum; are you fervently active, politically engaged, on the fence, disillusioned, disenfranchised or just plainly don’t give a fuck?

Here in Scotland Graham Hope, West Lothian’s returning officer, said:

“Elections have a huge impact on all our lives, and it’s important that as many West Lothian residents as possible take part.

It only takes a few moments, but is such an important task, which allows residents to have their say.”

The followers of the cult of personality stride hand in hand to the polls with the serial conformists who always vote for their favored party, often despite proven poor track records and for whatever reason they care to have while those other dutiful voters who don’t know any other way to express their voice. At the macro we see the party lines with broadly written divisionist, favoritist policy and their ubiquitous broken promises; while at the local micro everyone’s talking points are roughly the same; local issues broached in general terms and platitudes to appeal to the receptive. I get really concerned when all these parties only argue over lesser issues like abortion, gay marriage, proposed social programs and reforms, the critical ones like illegal wars, foreign aid, climate change, economics, misappropriation of funds, public office misconduct and malfeasance, the black pit that is the EU, ridiculous monetary policy and the list could go on and on… There is however a remarkable (and highly suspicious) consensus on all these issues, I don’t care what tosh you see on question time, judge them on what they do, not what they say. Please note , if the ‘lesser issues’ comment above offends you then too bad, if an issue does not impact on the overwhelming majority of a community it is just not that serious.

A vote for me is a vote for [insert cause here]…

Social housing is always favourite, “last year we built so many… we will pledge to build so many…” Yeah, so what, then your local authority goes and turns them over to a “Public Private Partnership.” Nice!

The good little voters, vote decisively. The dutiful voters, vote as the feel they must. Disillusioned voters are often left to choose the lesser of two evils. Individuals like me, political atheists or at the very least agnostics, feel we cannot support such a system of governance  as we have come to realize it is. Then there is the disenfranchised, often the lower/working classes, ignorant and uncaring? Not hardly, enough know fine well what the script is, that the guys (supposedly) making the decisions are a bunch of lying, traitorous bastards hiding behind an increasingly thin veneer of an assumed and all too often unquestioned legitimacy. I don’t give a damn what colour their little plastic rosette is or if they seem sincere, the second they swear into public office they become part of a single homogeneous group that blessed by privilege and adored by lickspittle lackies to stroke their rapidly inflating egos. All of them eager to please, vying always for the next step on the ladder, to that they will almost inevitably step on anyone the need to in order to progress. The big league corruption and back room dealing might be reserved for the university toffs and their appointees but any reader of blogs like Enemies of the People knows that the government we get is defined by its leadership and moral principles from the top down.

Most people prefer to believe their leaders are just and fair even in the face of evidence to the contrary, because once a citizen acknowledges that the government under which they live is lying and corrupt, the citizen has to choose what he or she will do about it. To take action in the face of a corrupt government entails risks of harm to life and loved ones. To choose to do nothing is to surrender one’s self-image of standing for principles. Most people do not have the courage to face that choice. Hence, most propaganda is not designed to fool the critical thinker but only to give moral cowards an excuse not to think at all.

-Michael Rivero

So is this what you are voting for? Really?

** Please note: I do not support any political party, period. **

BNP candidate Mike Whitby standing for elected mayor of Liverpool is accused of electoral fraud three days before the election and as you see from the YouTube clip above it was a very heavy handed affair to say the least. Whatever you think of his policy, this is ridiculous, undemocratic and unlawful. “We just want to talk” indeed! Did any storm trooper turn up to beat down the doors of the lying, cheating thieves in parliament for pocketing tens upon tens upon tens of thousands of public funds in the expenses scandal? Or what about those MPs that War Criminal Blair protected from Operation Ore with those D-Notices, the Honours for cash fiasco, the dodgy dossier…

Will these allegations be founded or not, buggered if I know, but the treatment that family received for daring to ask questions is a terrifying precedent. Today it’s the BNP, we don’t care for ‘racist thugs’ so it’s no skin of our nose many will think, but tomorrow you have to wonder, will it be me or someone I care for? What then?…

Government has a presumption of legitimacy?

The common man does more to defend the system than any PR campaign; by just accepting the status quo, believing that there is some ‘right’ form of governance. That’s a whole topic in of itself and one I will write on, but not today.

There is allegedly duty, a responsibility, even one may say an obligation. The question is to who? Yourself, the government, society, your progeny, or even your ancestry?…

That last one is especially interesting to me and seems to me to be nothing than a tired old statist apologist argument; my uncle’s brother’s grandfather (once removed) fought Hitler to keep our rights intact, to maintain our freedoms from dictatorship in the war, he was marched from Germany to Poland as a prisoner of war…” Yes, bad things happened in war, long before I was born and please people forgive me for saying this but, so what? I don’t say forget them, or not learn from them and just about every family was touched by that war seventy years ago, but what does that have to do with the current system? Where does that directly affect our lives and our ‘chosen’ government? I don’t feel any king of deep-seated genetic guilt for past deaths but I do feel guilty that in my past ignorance I was not out doing more to stop unlawful wars waged on brown people by those supposedly representing OUR interests.

I.e. It is not in my interest that they dropped a £500,000 cruise missile on a yurt in some country impoverished by decades of sanctions.

Just as irrelevant, and even more ridiculous is the, “you better hope you don’t have a problem,” pitch. I guess the assumption there is that I need, not may voluntarily want, the government intruding on my everyday life. Voting they believe is the only way to have a voice, I beg to differ, if there is a form of government necessary, then it must only be as a medium to do for the collective needs of the people what the people may not conveniently or practically do for themselves. OK, lets take a reasonable look at that one; Council Tax, we are told it pays for services and yet FOIA requests have discovered 50% of this seems to subsidise public pensions, then there was the Icesave debackle, if it was for services then how was there such sizable surplus to invest outside our own economy? I’m happy to pay my way, but where did I benefit from this?

What I see is increasingly militarized police, Demos groomed professional politicians, unaccountable NGOs, blatant revolving door practice between business and governance, corporate owned media whores, corrupt judiciary in a veritable kleptocracy. I’m by no means alone in seeing before me the absolute merger of state and corporate powers:

Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.

– Benito Mussolini

The online dictionary says thus:

fas·cism (fshzm) n.

1. often Fascism
a. A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.
b. A political philosophy or movement based on or advocating such a system of government.
2. Oppressive, dictatorial control.

What few definitions will actually state is that fascism or corporatism (where the rubber meets the road) is where profits and assets are privatised while losses and costs are socialized. Remember these terms: “Too big to fail,” and “bailout.” So what I’m getting at is that if anyone still thinks that the above definition isn’t closer to the reality we actually live in, you are delusional. Every so often the ‘right’ people are elected, and we are allowed the opportunity to vote on them… Yeah! Great stuff, you get to choose the right or the left boot of governance that is upon our throats. Let’s look at it this way, we are back in a modern-day feudalism, we are tenants upon the land, seemingly owned by those that hold the right bits of paper that this system of governance recognizes.

Oh joy…

Michael Quinn vs Allied Irish Bank Receivers

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TNS RadioRecorded live on TNS Radio 2011-05-20

MP3 Audio [link]

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Michael Quinn, a respected business man of 25 years who in 2001 single handed fought off a band of ram raiders, has been fighting off raiders of a different sort, the economic terrorist from the twice PUBLIC bailed out Allied Irish Bank (AIB).

Here is the quality of the man in question:

SHOOTOUT HERO; Store boss Michael opens fire as ram raiders run him down.


A FILLING station owner was run over by a getaway car yesterday in a shootout with a gang of ram raiders who smashed their way into his shop

Michael Quinn, a 38-year-old father of four, went down fighting after he tackled the gang single-handed.

The four robbers tried to kill him as he blocked their way, mangling his legs under the wheels as he was dragged along the road. The raiders struck at Cloughvalley Stores on the main Dublin-to-Derry road outside Carrickmacross in Co Monaghan at 4.10am.

The gang lifted a manhole cover on the man highway near the store to cut a telephone cable to the complex which operated the alarm system.

They smashed open the door but triggered an inside buzzer which awakened Mr Quinn who was sleeping in his house next door.

When the alarm went off, he grabbed a legally held gun and ran to the store where he was confronted by the armed raiders.

After an exchange of shots, the gang ran outside to a waiting silver Mitsubishi car which had the number plates removed.

Mr Quinn ran after them and aimed at the driver, forcing him to stop.

But as he was waiting for Gardai to arrive, the car was suddenly started and driven at him.

He was knocked to the ground and suffered a broken leg.

Gardai failed to stop as it sped towards Carrickmacross.

Mr Quinn was treated at the scene for severe leg injuries and later taken to Navan Hospital where he had surgery yesterday afternoon for a compound leg fracture.

He was described last night as “fairly comfortable”.

Locals praised him for his bravery in tackling the gang.

His shocked wife Bridie said: “It was a terrifying experience for us – thank God it didn’t end worse.”

Another resident said: “Michael is the hero of the town. He was very brave to take on these criminals – he could have been killed.

“We hope the Gardai will be successful in apprehending them.”

A Garda spokesman said: “The way in which the gang cut the alarm system indicates they were professionals, possibly operating out of Dublin or some other large centre.

“The hunt for the raiders is continuing.”

Carrickmacross council chairwoman Rosaleen O’Hanlon said: “We all deplore this type of crime. Mr Quinn must be commended for his vigilance and the great courage he displayed.

“These people are ruthless and will stop at nothing to snatch other people’s hard earned cash or property.”

Lets be clear, Michael has not refused to pay anything as you can hear for yourself in his own words as a group of selfless men and woman dig deep to lend whatever aid they may to fend off trespassers and their hired “security” from an American company K Tech Security. The bank maneuvered them with words of encouragement in regards to a potential (positive) solution to a ongoing matter the bank has been remiss in dealing with, into leaving their private property while they attempted to muscle the couple out of their property.

A description of events by: Darrell: of the Ancient Clan O’Deaghadh

Military Lockdown by AIB!
Yesterday, AIB were involved in a Military Style lockdown at a family owned and run shop in Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan.

Carricmacross Siege.
The shop; Clough Vally Stores is owned and run by Michael & Bridget Quinn. It is one of the biggest people employers in the town of Carrickmacross and the greater Monaghan region.

AIB Lied!
AIB on the previous Monday blatantly lied to Michael & Bridget. Bank officials told them that they wished to meet them in Dublin on the basis of working out a plan or deal on which their business would continue to trade and operate. Michael and Bridget were elated. They drove to Dublin …

Surplus to Requirement!
When they got to the meeting, they were told to pack their bags, that they were no longer required, & that the bank were currently meeting with their employees, behind their backs, to tell them that the Bank, AIB and their receivers, Kavanagh Fennell had taken over.

Dirt … Kavanagh Fennel.
We also discovered that the employees were and have been treated like dirt by Kavanagh Fennell receivers. Staff were told that if they didn’t like what was happening, they could pack their bags and go.

Military Occupation.
Kavanagh Fennell on instruction by the AIB, proceeded to lockdown the building using a military style security firm called K-Security. They took out the safe, changed all the locks and proceeded to patrol the supermarket grounds and shopping area, as some shoppers have described them, like “Nazi storm troopers”.

AIB Stole the Money!
Yesterday afternoon Michael, Bridget and three generations of their family decided enough was enough. In began to dawn on them what AIB were doing to them. AIB had stolen their business, without Lawful authority whatsoever  and were now in occupation of their property.

Bare Knuckles.
Michael, Bridget and their family had worked their knuckles bare for the past 5 years, and had given everything to the AIB. The business and the way they ran things was and still is profitable, viable and effectively run.

AIB Corrupt Bankrupts.
Here are a known bankrupt and corrupt bank, that have gone begging to the Government to receive hand-outs, off the backs of the People of Ireland, because they could run a proverbial “piss up in a brewery” … ironic really.

AIB Lied, Conned and Robbed … FACT
They; the AIB have lied and conned, and ROBBED this family, out the doors of their own business, that they have been successfully running for generations. To copper fasten this CON, the AIB instructed, without any Lawful authority or agreement form the Quinns, a receiver and military style security firm, to make sure that the Quinns are physically kept out of their own property, while the AIB can go in and literally, harass the staff, rob the cash & strip and ruin business.

Unlawful Operation.
The AIB’s big plan was in full swing, and was working up until yesterday afternoon. Michael and Bridget decided to go back into their business yesterday, and let the AIB that they were not welcome and to cease and desist their unlawful operation.

Militia of Kavanagh Fennell.
They peacefully walked in, and instructed a locksmith to change the locks on their Property, & were immediately met with some very fierce & belligerent resistance from K-tech, the military style militia of the receivers of Kavanagh Fennell. Despite the fact that Michael repeatedly instructed that the security firm to back down and leave their property immediately, because they were now trespassing, they simple ignored him, and obstructed the locksmith from carrying out his duties.

Gardaí Ignore Criminals in Action.
In order to keep the peace, Michael himself called Carrickmacross Gardai. The Gardai did turn up, instead of proceeding to lawfully keep the peace by arresting & removing the men that were now trespassing, they told the Lawfully appointed locksmith to leave. At which point another man, that was called by the trespassers arrived and proceeded to undo the work of the locksmith. The Gardai ignored this criminal behaviour.

Wash Their Hands.
Michael proceeded, and lawfully arrested the trespassers, and instructed the Gardai to take them into custody. They ignored him and walked away. The Gardai could have ended the matter there and then and everyone could have gone home peacefully.

K-Tech American Style Military Security in Ireland!
Michael was left with few options. The Gardai were NOT acting as Gardai and keeping to, and operating under their sworn oath of office, to keep the peace of Michael & his family, his business and the people and staff members present. They had now stepped into the realm of colluding with and facilitating criminals and their criminal behaviour.
i.e. The AIB Bank, the receivers Kavanagh Fennell & the military security K-tech Security.

500 Townspeople, RTE etc.
More people started to get involved. More locksmiths were called. Another security consultant arrived. A female receiver barricaded herself into an office and refused to leave the property. More Garda arrived. RTE turned up. There were journalists there, amongst a crowd of over 500 local townspeople, that turned up to support Michael & Bridgets lawful actions. Three generations of the family were now trapped in their own property by the unlawful receivers and security firm. The Gardai now took up the role of trying to convince and cajole Michael and Bridget to leave their own property.

Inspector McGadget Arrives.
A friend of Michaels arrived and spoke directly to Inspector Fintan Mc. Tiernan … Fintan had earlier been instructed to take the security men, and receiver woman into custody, that they were under arrest. Fintan ignored these clear instructions.

AIB Allegations Explained.
Michaels friend explained to Inspector Fintan McTiernan the situation about AIB.
He proceeded as follows … AIB were and had made serious allegations about the Quinn family and their business owing the AIB money (a Civil matter).

Verify and Document the Obligation.
Michael had Legally & Lawfully requested that the AIB substantiate any claim, they feel they had, via written documentation and verifiable accounting. That he was “more than happy to pay any financial obligation that was lawfully owed as soon as he received or could properly  inspect original of the three documents listed below”.

1.    Validation of the debt — The Actual Accounting (the Banks accounts).
2.    Verification of the AIB’s claim via a Signed Invoice or Sworn Affidavit.
3.    A Copy of the Lawful Contract binding both parties.

Michael did not and has not refused to pay the bank. He did not stop paying the Bank! As far as we know he is STILL paying the Bank. Instead of positively responding to this Family and working things out with them amicably, they, the AIB have just ignored their Legal & Lawful questions and sent in the Storm Troopers, supported by “our” Gardaí.

“Is this what happens when We ask Questions?”

People of Ireland … are WAKING UP.
Last night we got a sign of the pain that the real people of this country are suffering, the internal, external, psychological and emotional turmoil and abuse that we are all being out through. Not just by the AIB, but ALL the Banks, the Corporate Government and the Draconian Judicial system and so called Legal professions. Has it gone so bad, that a bank think that they can waltz in and completely devastate and destroy a man, a woman, our families, a community, a town and now a country, and just get away unscathed?

Carrickmacross is the final straw. The people in this not so sleepy little town are waking up this morning, to a new awareness. Carickmacross is the turning point for ALL OF US. All the Banks have been operating in one massive FRAUD. People of Ireland, Stop giving them any More of your energy. STOP PAYING DEBT … IT IS AN ILLUSION!

Read this eBook for FREE and start educating yourselves TODAY.
“Blank of Ireland … THIS WAY OUT!”

The Quinns did, they asked questions, demanded answers. These BRAVE PEOPLE have taken back their lives, their business and their community.

Do the same for yourself.
Stand on your freedom & do the right thing.

Discention In The Ranks – TNSRADIO 04/12/11

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USTREAM Broadcast 12/04/2011.

Further to the events of the 7th of March 2011 at Birkenhead, a response to media attempts to vilify the parties involved by painting them as being affiliated to the BNP. Also a particular focus on some interesting subsequent divisions appearing in the various groups and sites within the “truth” – freedom loving movement. This show tackled this head on to get it out in the open, threats, intimidation and some impressive ego trips.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Discention In The Ranks – TNSRADIO 04/12/11, posted with vodpod