A Step Too Far – The 2011 Census Rebellion

I find this absolutely wonderful…

At every turn now I’m seeing a whole host of people from every class, creed, religion, ideology AND politic persuasions across the entire spectrum, but all with a  consensus that is damn near universal.

So many ideas, so many views, all telling the corporate State, this intrusion a step too far and answer it with a resounding – I’m telling you jack diddly squat, mate! But I have noticed a distinct lack of support from those we’d say as having ‘clout’, in the eyes of the masses, those being the officials, the mainstream media and talking heads, the journalists with any integrity left, the personalities even the CELEBRITIES…  (yes I know, scrapping the barrel there with that last one!) But then, it’s hardly sexy, is it, not much scope for getting on the next chat show except as the oddity, a stitch up, or just for comic relief…

Even the serial conformists are having issues with a great deal of the  2011 fiasco, not just the invasive, irrelevant questions, but the choice of Lockheed Martin as the agent for the ONS.  Have we all sunk so low, are we truly become the apathetic wretches who are so cowed, so servile, that we shrink and tug a forelock to those men and women in government?

Oh I have seen a few notable exceptions, many, many great articles detailing with this subject, but few personalities were weighing in and then I had to stand corrected…  In strode Janet Street Porter with her indomitable flair and typical ‘shoot from the hip’ attitude to brighten my day.

How can the simple job of gathering information about the population once every ten years, which started out in 1801 as a single sheet of paper, have morphed into this costly (£480 million and rising) exercise during a period of national financial hardship?

If we can’t afford help for carers, child day-care centres, meals on wheels and libraries, how can we bloody well afford this grandiose census? We are told it’s justified because the information allows the Government to plan grants to local authorities and to decide how much money to allocate for future health care.

The stuff about our homes helps to formulate future strategy for housing. If we tell them how we get to work, apparently it will help with the planning of transport systems and new roads.

And pigs can fly. Every time a new road, bus or rail route is planned, what happens?

There’s a fresh consultation exercise. Ditto when it comes to new housing and hospitals — there’s always a need for up-to-date information and research. More questionnaires, more information, more money spent.

I’ll leave that article with a thought, a small pondering of mine…  Just who has more balls, Janet Street Porter?…  Or the traitorous ConDem coalition?…  Tough call, isn’t it?

This one from Big Brother Watch tickled my fancy for sure.

The real question depends on the number of people, who either by not returning, defacing or directly challenging the  applicability of census via the No Contract – Return To Sender, conditional acceptance, religious reasons, support of State terrorism, or whatever…  and dealing with potential doorstep intrusions…

Even then it’s hardly an issue for even the most timid, a simple NO TRESPASS notice prominently displayed, bring it to their agents attention and close the door.  Too simple?  Then why did Census director Glen Watson have this to say on the subject back in July 2010:

“We have to have made contact.  So quite a lot of the people that don’t return the questionnaire, our census field staff have not been able to make any contact and you cannot prosecute a house.

Who will be prosecuted, and under what circumstances?

Of the 1.5 million families that, in whatever manner, refused to participate in the 2001 census, only 38 were successfully prosecuted, and given the lack of understanding in any number of legal ‘tricks’ to gain jurisdiction, it is a wonder to me, that there wasn’t more…  Only one ended up in a prison sentence, and that was a well publicised case where a particularly obstinate man was done for contempt of court for refusing to pay the fine.  The details of the criteria used can be found here.

“Prosecutions were sought on a case-by-case basis, where there was clear evidence of a refusal to return a completed Census form. The criteria for Non-Compliance Unit dropping potential cases were decided by the Legislation Project Manager, following the practise in previous censuses and taking account of more recent legal advice. The main reasons for dropping cases included:

  • insufficient confirmation of householder’s name (in cases, for example, where no contact had been made and evidence from other sources of information – such as the Electoral Register – was lacking);
  • responsibility for making a return had not been established;
  • possible irregularities in field procedures;
  • evidence of mitigating personal circumstances, such as age or infirmity of the householder or in cases of bereavement;
  • claims that forms had been posted back which could not be readily verified because of postal difficulties; and
  • cases relating to a second home or holiday accommodation.”

So will the government  actually fine them, or will they be seen to be selectively prosecuting individuals which must invariably  appear politically motivated?

Something to think on if you really must fill it in, deface it or whatever, please, please, consider rubbing  a white candle over the ‘official use’ boxes, make these bureaucrats work for their shekels.  If ‘we’ are paying so much for it, is it so much to ask that we get value for our tax-thefts?

Some may be wondering how I may be handling this, to date I haven’t had a form delivered yet, but when it does I will be sticking to the No Contract – Return To Sender route. A doorstep visit bothers me not a jot, I will be challenging that on the doorstep, no tricks, I will be stating something like:

“There is no man or woman here with any liability to, nor obligation to perform in this matter upon your request.  Go tell that to your boss mate, you’re finished here, now fuck off, the sign there says “NO TRESPASS”, are you blind as well as ignorant?”

But that’s just me.


14 Responses to “A Step Too Far – The 2011 Census Rebellion”

  1. Great post friend, enjoyed every word, may have to re-blog it buddy.

    • Better late than never, the census has been covered by everybody and their gran by now… I’ve been busy and a little disorganized of late, so I’ve got several work-in-progress drafts in need of finishing…

  2. […] I find this absolutely wonderful… At every turn now I'm seeing a whole host of people from every class, creed, religion, ideology AND politic persuasions across the entire spectrum, but all with a  consensus that is damn near universal. So many ideas, so many views, all telling the corporate State, this intrusion a step too far and answer it with a resounding – I'm telling you jack diddly squat, mate! But I have noticed a distinct lack of suppo … Read More […]

  3. no one special Says:

    Simple really. Seems you can fill the form in online. Well we all know how poor online security can be. I mean if you were to post the login details to an online forum just about anybody could fill it in before you get around to it and you cannot be responsible for their answers!

  4. Well written timely post IM, enjoyed reading it this morning, it gave me a real smile over my breakfast coffee
    Personally I am going with the ‘Lawful Rebellion’ route and will refuse on the grounds of no jurisdiction, I really must get some No Tresspass signs put up in the next day or so.
    Ours is already winging its way back to the council by ‘refuse’ post, Hell I could even say it was filled in and given to a council official couldnt I?
    Like Freewestray, I shall be blogging on this today or tomorrow and will pinch a useful quote or two and link back to your original, it deserves to be read in its full glory here!

  5. […] way of alternate views on this subject please have a look at Informed Minds on this, he has written a good piece with this lovely quote in it that you should all […]

  6. the census forms have bar codes at the bottom. Filling in a few blank bits with a black pen may make them unreadable by computer scanning

  7. Great article. I enjoyed it very much! Thanks. Lesli Georgales

  8. I have read so many comments against the census. This is by far the most intelligent one I have picked up. The No Trespass sign goes up today in 2 places – this is in case they are sight impaired.

    If the field agents wish to break the law of trespass, I will deal with that according to the law.

    I will not return the form because they have barcoded my house. So it is linked with the form. This will get the usual treatment of all scams going around.

    The barcode at the bottom of each page – 303 918 3191 – if Googled, will lead you to Denver, Colorado. Coincidentally, Lockhead Martin’s database is listed at this phone number. Interesting and possibly outside the law for my information to be sent there without my full approval. Or is MY information actually mine?

    • Cheers, but I’ve read far better than mine in the last few months, this is just my belated 2 cents worth and I hope you’ll drop by later as I’m working on a addendum right now.

      Thank you very much for that last part, I’d not heard that and will must certainly be including it in my next article.

  9. thats just how i feel, invasion to our privacy, I thought we were protected under the civil rights & data protectio n, what are these people doing to protect us? I urge them to stop it NOW

  10. What is this census thingy? 🙂 I have no TV, don’t listen to the radio and never read a newspaper. I also never accept receipt of any mail from anyone I do not know personally.

  11. It’s zero day now. I was advised by the Nazi census morons who knocked on my door everyday for 2 weeks that after today they will stop knocking; and it’ll be the “officers who hand out the fines” from today onwards. I’m looking forward to the confrontation really. I love being disobedient, it gives me a massive buzz. I get the same old crap being said over and over when I verbally shoot them down “I’m just doing my job”. Like that’s some sort of excuse. They took the job in ignorance of what exactly the census is and who uses it, so it’s their responsibility to take the shit from pissed off human beings, who feel totally annoyed and their privacy invaded.

    It’s these dumb brainwashed assholes that make living in this world so annoying and put the power in the hands of the satanic oligarchy. If I had it my way, and someone hassled me for two weeks, wrapping on my door really hard, I would set my dog on them. Doing that in this day and age just gives them ammunition though.

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