History in the making at Birkenhead…

This day, history was made an only time will show the true magnitude of the events that played out on the 7th of March 2011 at Birkenhead County Court.

This was a declaration of lawful INTENT, an expression of rights… In a nutshell, a wonderful (if noisy) revocation on the State’s presumed legitimacy to rule! We only want a fair playing field, one law for all… surely not an unreasonable goal?

Here is a very different form of protest, not a protest – an assertion of Man’s true standing, a revocation, a rebuttal of a system hopelessly corrupt. ‘Judge’ Michael Peake was ‘civilly arrested‘ for treason, he failed to produce the warrant he claimed on the record to hold under the Queen, nor did he affirm his standing on his oath of office, time and again refusing to acknowledge his oath with its ascribed duties and obligations. Administrative law, not justice.

Also details emerging of a sheriff not exercising his obliged duties (full story on that bombshell to come out in time, and it’s massive), and police behaving very well it seems, and yet still protecting a criminal at large – aiding and abetting his “rescue” – or if you prefer “importing” aid and comfort to the enemy…

The mainstream media are telling us 300 supporters on the ground in support of lawful rebellion, less jaded eyes say it could have been far more that turned out to support Roger Hayes defend himself from an utterly corrupt and morally bereft judiciary, and in the process ‘civilly arrest’ the Judge, Michael Peake and Seize the court – which was held for almost an hour.

Lawful Rebellion in action, but the BBC of course attempts to downplay its importance, this will not be a story to be swept away so easy as they may wish.

Intruders have tried to arrest a judge after storming into a courtroom on Merseyside.

The activists went into the room at Birkenhead County Court while about 300 protesters gathered outside the building.

The incident is believed to be related to a bankruptcy hearing at the court.

A Ministry of Justice spokesman said police were called to deal with the incident and the intruders had since left the building.

Streets surrounding the courtroom have been closed.

A leaflet handed out by the demonstrators said they were trying to seize the building “in defence of our freedoms and liberties as provided for under section 61 of Magna Carta”.

Merseyside Police said two people had been arrested for assaulting police and breach of the peace, while four others had been arrested for breach of the peace.

Articles Wirral Globe articleBBCSovereign Independent

Outside the “Event” the police were not so pleasant…

A more in depth report to follow.


8 Responses to “History in the making at Birkenhead…”

  1. I would love to see this grow and if I know Roger Hayes at all, it just might. The police are SO INCREDIBLY ignorant it’s frightening. They’ll just continue being the Crown’s thugs because they don’t know and can’t grasp they’re simply 21st Century HOUSE NEGROES! Slaves like the rest of us but they’re IGNORANT of the law they are MEANT to uphold. No respect left for them. I’ve seen enough.
    Great footage of people demanding. Not protesting, not demonstrating but demanding that these idiots in uniform DO THEIR JOB!

  2. Excellent, it was so hard to write this up last night, there is so much more information to be put in and how do you describe such a day!I look forward to your next instalment!

  3. […] Informed Minds, has a good take on it! […]

  4. Charles Magus Says:

    If only we could have a response like this in Ireland! Way to go People of Avalon! The police must serve the people and not the elite!

    Britain is the name they gave to the people of Avalon to signify the bondage of slavery of the people by the royals! Get rid of the parasitic Queen of England as she is the illegitimate grand daughter of Nathan Rothschild! through Queen Victoria! Not only was Queen Victoria Nathan Rothschild’s Daughter, but he also had an affair with his own Daugher to produce a male heir, that was king Edward the 7th who went on to have an affair with Winston Churchill’s Mother (Jenny) to produce the Illegitimate Winston Churchill! So Hitler and Churchill were related as Hitler was the grand son of a Rothschild living in Austria I believe. Hitler’s Grand mother was sexually assulted, she then gave birth to Adolf Hitler’s Father. (Alois)

    This is how the Rothschilds ruled the world through their illegitimate offspring! The Royals and Leaders of the 20th century! Even Stalin was one of Rothschild’s brood!

  5. Congrats to every single person who turned out for this! Its so good to see. This is the way forward! check out this irish band and listen to ‘the bitch that bore’


  6. […] came to my attention earlier today, signs are that events of the 7th of March at Birkenhead are still not fully played out, video is being removed by the Government no less. So re-upload them […]

  7. yes, repost your video ‘removed by the government’ here



    and everywhere else you can think of.

    La lucha continua!

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