A First Hand Account Of The Event

A great first hand account of the day from Musashi, a Proud practitioner of Lawful Rebellion and Freeman on the fmotl forum.

“Just got back from Birkenhead and – briefly – the judge was arrested and cautioned. All on camera(s). When the police were called they arrested the two men who arrested the judge. It all got a bit hectic then. The court was packed to capacity and there were about two hundred more of us outside. Roger and Co. convened a Grand Jury and a true bill is being issued against the judge and, because of the actions of his officers, the chief constable.

The packed court refused to let the cops leave with their prisoners and more cops arrived. Scuffles broke out as we and they tried to take control of strategic doorways. They brought a dog in but, as we were peaceful and the dog is trained to attack rowdy types, it got confused and they left. Treeman occupied the judge’s seat and called for order. There was laughter all round and many photos. More cops arrived and still we did not let them leave with the prisoners.

Eventually a cop with braid on his cap lost the plot and grabbed Holy Vehm’s son by the throat. I think it was him, anyway. I grabbed the cop, another grabbed me and we all had a bit of a dance in between the doors between the court and the front doors. Anyway there were quite a few little scuffles and huge noise for several hours. Eventually I got dragged out by several of them and found dozens of cops out on the street and hundreds of lawful rebels chanting and tackling individual cops with demands. I came out of the melee with a dead leg, a broken nail and two bleeding fingers. (However, several hours laetr I can now feel the lumps and the bumps) Many of these cops were bemused – did not know what hit them. Several were visibly shaking. The PCSO’s were useless. The court staff were long fled. Cameras were everywhere and cops milled about aimless for a while. One guy got bit by the dog and one guy got run over – deliberately – by a cop car. The car was immediately surrounded and prevented from leaving.

The were over forty police vehicles stretched along the road outside the court, and streets for half a mile around were cordoned off. They were very uncoordinated.

I met lots of rebels from London, Glasgow, Cornwall, Yorkshire and many other places. Passing locals asked what was going on and then joined in. One PCSO left his post at the station and, much to the disgust of his mates, joined us in rebellion! People Mike and I spoke to in a nearby cafe came and joined in. The locals were amazing. The rebels were amazing and, by God, I had one fuck of a day! Can’t wait for the next one.”


4 Responses to “A First Hand Account Of The Event”

  1. Nice blog you have here, thank you for the sub, consider your blog link added to mine buddy.

  2. And best post goes too…that made oi larf m8, f’in wonderful!!!

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